Starlight Necklace

Starlight Necklace

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Sterling silver plated stainless steel pendant, sterling silver chain, and clasp.

The Starlight necklace is handmade with hope by rescued women and designed to connect an advocate like you to a woman like Thinzar.

Thinzar met the Eden Outreach team in a filthy, back alley brothel in a very poor slum. The delicate heart pendant we placed around her neck seemed so out of place in this dark, dilapidated place. Thinzar’s eyes lit up when we shared that, somewhere in the world, the woman who wore the outside half of Thinzar’s necklace was thinking of her. We then whispered a promise of hope that we will take care of all the barriers keeping her from escaping. We will answer her phone call, provide her with a place to go, pay her taxi fare, and open up the future for her. Two days after meeting Thinzar, the Outreach phone rang. She had escaped!

Thirty minutes later, she arrived at Eden with her half of the Starlight necklace around her neck…